Niel Plimmer PGA ProfessionalLocation: 

Brighton Junior Golf – Based at a number of different in and around the Brighton area.


Twitter – @neilplimmer

Price: £50.00 per hour (+ Greenfee) The majority of Neil’s takes place on the golf course, he is always keen to observe people play and understand their all round on course game.


Much of Neil’s time is spent coaching children and families, as well as training, educating and supporting coaches to deliver engaging and appropriate experiences to children and their families.

Neil is a recognised expert in the area of coaching children. He has much experience in the area of training and supporting teachers and coaches. In addition to his work delivering training workshops to PGA professionals throughout the UK, he works with several universities, making contributions to their coach and teacher training courses and as a consultant with primary schools advising on the development of their KS1 and KS2 curriculum. He is a coach support officer for the county sports partnership that sees him support Sportivate/Satellite club projects and mentor the coaches involved. He is the founder and director of JOLF Ltd. JOLF is a coaching programme for children which particularly focus on supporting and up skilling the client coaches so that they can provide high quality sessions and sustainable long term coaching programmes for children. He is also founder and Director of Strategy for the newly formed Junior Golf Alliance.

His special interest is how coaches and teachers should first introduce sport to new participants, young and old. He is particularly interested in the role of play and how coaches can set up environments that absorb, engage and create a love for the game that means people return week after week, year after year. He believes strongly that we all have an innate ability to play and self-organise and that it is a coaches role to guide, supports and facilitate these opportunities.

Following his extensive research and experience coaching children it became obvious that a similar approach could and should be applied to beginner adults and families. Many of the moms, dads and grandparents of the children involved in JOLF wanted to be involved in their child’s development, as well as have fun for themselves. It started with regularly inviting adults to the coaching and playing experiences. And what followed was providing opportunities for the adults and families to participate together. Something that Neil felt the adults had not considered before, especially if they were non golfers. Like coaching children takes specific and unique skills of a coach so does coaching families. The dynamic of a family makes it a different experience to what might be offered to other groups, both on the driving range and on the course. By including the whole family in the sport it will allow for more participation outside of the organised coaching and playing sessions

Coaching philosophy: “My aim is to deliver an engaging and appropriate experience to each person, every time. The majority of my coaching takes place on the golf and this allows me to see the full range of shots that people can play and the decisions they make when faced with the many questions that the golf throws up from shot to shot. It is less about repeating the same swing/movement time after time and more about how many different ways can you play the same shot.”

Best tip: “To learn more about your game get out and play more on the golf course. Each shot on the course will ask you a different question, and it is less about having the correct answer but more about being able answer the question in many different ways. As you will have seen many times the same shot on the course played by different people will be played in many different ways. So to add more skills to your game think more about how many different ways can you hit a shot rather than what the “correct” way might be.”

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