Steve North

Steve North

Top 50 Coach

Location: St Andrews Links 

Steve is responsible for the delivery of the world class instruction and customisation at St Andrews Links, and has ultimately helped establish the Golf Academy as a respected innovative leader in the industry. Specialising in the use of analysis software and technology, he continues to keep at the very forefront of instruction. He has gone on to play pivotal roles for the Scottish Golf and University of St Andrews coaching programmes. During this time, he has also coached numerous players to national titles across the globe. Over the years, Steve has conducted golf clinics for some of the world’s leading corporations, including Allianz, Brooks Brothers, HSBC, Credit Suisse, RBS, Chase Manhattan Bank, BMW, Audi, Bayern Munich FC and FedEx.

Students learn best when....

They fully understand their swing DNA. Most golfers do not fully understand why things happen in their golf swing, both positively and negatively. Once you fully understand you can make huge strides in developing your game. 

Most significant influences on your teaching:

There have been many individuals who have played a significant role in my development over the years, but none more so than David Leadbetter. I was fortunate enough to work for David for many years in the Far East and leaned an incredible amount relating to the physics, synchronisation and timing of the golf swing. Out with David, I would credit TrackMan, who have developed an incredible technology, which in turn has enabled us to explain a whole host of data to clients in an understandable manor. Undoubtedly, this has helped revolutionise instruction and custom fitting. 


Biggest challenge:

Dispelling myths relating to the golf swing, stats and course management.