How BAL.ON Can Transform The Way You Use The Ground In The Golf Swing

A revolution in golf training, calling for you: BAL.ON is a kit of pressure soles, smart pods, and a smartphone app that can transform your golf swing and unlock power in your game.

Golfer's shoe during a shot wearing the BAL.ON device
(Image credit: BAL.ON - a product developed by Continental that can help you play better golf)

Have you ever wondered about how to correctly use the ground in the golf swing? It's crucial to maximising your power and strikes, and all of the world's best do it.

Ground reaction forces are the forces exerted by the ground in movement, and when that translates to golf it essentially equals power. They're a key part of biomechanics and determine how the pelvis is moving and therefore the start to the kinematic chain in a golf swing - what the feet are doing heavily impacts how the club is being delivered to the ball!

Lots of power is lost due to incorrect use of the ground and pressure in the golf swing, which is where BAL.ON comes in - as effective interaction with the ground is crucial to building an effective golf swing.

Relying on pressure sensors and AI, BAL.ON, a product developed by Continental, gives you real-time swing analysis and coaching by capturing information invisible to human eyes thanks to 18 sensors and your smartphone eying your every move

BAL.ON, which is the only high-class mobile solution for coaches and consumers to properly measure and visualise pressure, uses two sources of data: sensor data of the pressure soles as well as the video data you capture with your smartphone.

The BAL.ON app shown on multiple smartphone screens

(Image credit: BAL.ON)

The highly sensitive Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) cause a change in electrical resistance when pressure is applied on them. Via the smart pods, this signal goes into the app.

The app monitors your pressure values and matches them with your video and audio sequences. It compares both with thousands of reference player data, among them many qualified pros. It spots where you differ from the ideal line – and it tips you off, how to improve palpably!

BAL.ON might sound like something for only the world's best golfers, but in actual fact it's a tool to help players of all skill levels. If you're eager to improve your golf swing, not only on-course but especially on the driving range, you need to try it.



50–60% pressure on your lead foot, 50–40% pressure on your trail foot, the magic formula for balance. Starting with the right pressure and weight distribution will improve your entire performance throughout the swing.


At the top of the backswing, strive to keep about 70% of pressure on your trail leg, ideally more in your heel area. This sets you up for an optimal transfer into a forceful downswing! 


The right pressure distribution pattern at impact has a decisive influence on the quality of your shot. A well struck, powerful golf shot ideally will have more pressure on the lead foot as the weight transfers forward and through the golf swing.

Golfer putting a BAL.ON sole in their shoe

Understand how to use the ground better in your golf swing with BAL.ON

(Image credit: BAL.ON)

"The best players in the world have been working with such systems for a long time, together with their athletic and swing coaches," Jens Mundhenke, PGA Professional and sports scientist at BAL.ON, says.

"The individual pressure pattern provides significant information on how efficiently and effectively a golfer moves. There are clear correlations between certain pressure patterns and club delivery. Having a holistic approach to golf training, this dimension must not be neglected. With BAL.ON, players and coaches finally have unrestricted access to this key technology."

A golf coach looks on as a golfer hits a shot

(Image credit: BAL.ON)

"The golf swing is a highly complex movement and controlling certain movements in a three-dimensional plane is challenging for almost everyone," Christoph Niederbröker, Product Manager BAL.ON, says.

"Often the physical awareness differs drastically from the actual movement. Through intuitive visualisations, instant feedback and simple drills, we want to make it as easy as possible for all our users, from tour players to weekend warriors, to max out their potential."

BAL.ON Smart Kit won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2023 and is an officially recommended product by the PGA of Germany.

BAL.ON Smart Kit has been on the market since 15th August 2023, retailing at £549. 

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