Norman Marshall

Norman Marshall

Top 50 Coach

Location: Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa

Over the last 30 years, Norman has enjoyed teaching golfers of all abilities, from beginners to elite level players. He vividly remembers the day a six-year-old Tommy Fleetwood came to the range, and has fond memories of their time working together. Watching him tee off in The Ryder Cup against Tiger Woods ranks as one of his proudest ever moments, although he has experienced many in his role as head coach at the Tommy Fleetwood Academy. 

Students learn best when...

They relax. This is when you find their strengths and help them build a game around those. People excel when you encourage them to be the best version of themselves, not a pale imitation of someone else. 

Advice for practice:

To focus on sensations, rhythm and balance, as opposed to a clutter of technical thought. Change targets and clubs every five balls, and check alignment. Then, try to carry a simple sensation onto the golf course. Really, that's about the only thing that you've got a chance of retaining in a pressurised playing environment.

Most common problem:

Lack of ability to generate power relatively easily. Often it's because the engine of the swing is inefficient, so they rely on instinct to try and make up for this. In this complicated search lies the reason for inconsistency.