Kevan Whitson

Kevan Whitson

Top 50 Coach

Location: Royal County Down Golf Club

Kevan began his professional career as assistant to George Yuille at the Royal Burgess Golfing Society. After a short spell at Harburn, he moved to Turnhouse, where he has fond memories of delivering 50 lessons a week to mixed ability golfers and helping with a very successful junior coaching programme. In 2009, he received the prestigious PGA of Europe 5-Star Professional Award, and more recently was awarded Master Professional status from the PGA. He's now Head Professional at Royal County Down, where he's currently helping senior golfers to roll back the years.

Teaching philosophy:

Look to improve all areas of a golfer's game, helping the golf swing to be more efficient, and encouraging them to enjoy every club in the bag, think better, react better and play better.

Students learn best when...

They assume responsibility for their own performance, only seeking information to allow them to progress the skills that belong to them. Understanding their own personality and how that affects their decision making and performance through personal triggers - this makes receiving technical instruction more relevant to them as an individual.

Advice for practice:

Wear out your wedges! Get out on the golf course as much as possible, recreating a competitive environment.