Adam Harnett

Adam Harnett

Top 50 Coach

Location: Blacknest Golf and Country Club


Adam turned pro at 21 and learnt plenty about the mechanics of the swing after travelling to the States and through Europe. In 2011 he met Hall of Famer Jim Hardy and Chris O'Connell from Plane Truth Golf which proved to be a revolution in his teaching. Any pre-conceived ideas about the swing went out the window and he has been coaching this system ever since, to the great success of his students.

Teaching philosophy: 

“Everything works, it’s about what works for you.” The golfer’s impact and ball flight always determine the technical change that is needed. I have never had an interest in teaching a ‘model’ because in my opinion there is more than one way to get the job done. I base my teaching on the theories of John Jacobs – “The sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a correct repetitive impact. The method employed is of no significance as long as it is correct and repetitive.” My teaching philosophy involves the + and – system of correcting impact. I see the swing like an equation. Swings are either too steep or too shallow and all golf swings will have elements of both. Once I know the golfer’s impact/ball flight I will give the golfer an opposite element to neutralise their impact.  

Biggest challenge:

The ‘de bunking’ poor information that golfers have either watched, read or been misinformed with. Giving the golfer the truth about their swing is vital and sometimes that can be the absolute opposite to what they may think. Gaining the student's trust is always difficult and that’s why my approach always involves a good explanation. The golfer spends a lot more time away from their coach than with them so one of the biggest challenges is keeping players from straying away from the plan. Golfers tend to react to shots when they play and practise, it’s easy to do. Keeping the player focusing on the ‘process’ and not the ‘outcome’ is super important to me if I want my players to develop long term.

Greatest teacher:

Jim Hardy, PGA Tour Hall of Fame instructor. I have known Jim for around 10 years and have spent a significant amount of time watching him teach – I have never seen another coach get results on a lesson tee as quickly as this man. His ability to alter his communication from a tour player to a 30-handicap elderly lady yet get them both to hit it better straightaway is unbelievable. What he doesn’t know about the swing you could write on the back of a postage stamp and his ability to communicate his knowledge is second to none.  With this he has such an easy manner that makes you feel comfortable in his presence as soon as you shake his hand.