Lysa Jones

Lysa Jones

Top 50 Coach

Location: The Walkers Golf Academy 

Lysa is a senior coach at Graham Walker’s golf academy in Yorkshire. She is widely regarded as the leading female coaching elite golf in the UK and Ireland and the former LET players has been included in a 19-strong group of women – across various sports - identified by UK Sport as having the potential to coach at the 2024 Olympics and beyond. 

A typical lesson: 

How do you begin, what comes next, and how do you close your lesson? It depends on a player's level of ability but 80 per cent of my players are at elite level so therefore I would ask open-ended questions, approaching every situation with curiosity and armed with questions that provide me with answers. I’m looking for the player to engage and articulate what is happening in his/her game and their characteristics – so what's their objective for today’s coaching session or what one skill do they want to improve that day? I like to understand the player first, their needs and ambitions, build up a rapport, set one or two objectives, listen to their description, repeat to confirm paint their picture. Closure would be confirming what is required and asking the player what they’ve learnt? 

Students learn best when… 

You involve them and they engage with you.

Greatest teacher:

Graham Walker, I’ve worked with him for 17 years. The way he communicates, engages and gets the player to respond.

I admire his coaching skills and the way he articulates his beliefs in what works – demonstrates extremely well – a great mentor to me throughout the years.