Barney Puttick PGA ProfessionalLocation: Mid Herts GC


Price: £35 for 45 minutes

Biography: Barney has been a pro since 1979 and had success as a player – competing in some European Tour events and winning the South of England under-25 championship. He also once finished tied-3rd with Greg Norman in a 36-hole event in Cannes behind Corey Pavin. He has been at Mid Herts since 2000.

Coaching philosophy: “My job is to enhance what the player already has. Often with an experienced golfer it is about reminding them rather than reinventing them! I like to use some drills and analogies so the player can then obtain the feel of the movement. Above all I like to keep it simple, as we do not need a huge thought process on the course.”

Best tip: “When hitting a fairway wood off the tee, don’t peg it up too high. It should sit as if on a tuft of grass. Set it forward in your stance to help find the ideal sweeping strike through impact.”

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