Douglas Bell

Douglas Bell

Top 50 Coach

Locations: Down Royal Park Golf Club, Greenlife Golf & Kellys Golf Centre 

Teaching philosophy: 

My role as a coach is fairly simple: to help people hit more good shots and lower their scores. With my knowledge and experience, I can help each golfer based on their desire and experience find their own pathway. Sometimes this will be traditional technical improvements, such as set-up and swing technique. However, it will often to lead all other areas, such as strength and conditioning, mental practice, statistics and strategy.

Students learn best when:

They are able to learn by doing - as opposed to me telling the student how to move their body, or how best to place the club in a position.  Through setting certain challenges, they can take ownership of the club and learn how it affects the ball. Often, allowing the player to overdo the mistake and then going to the opposite movement, helps the student to create their own feels. Just like learning to ride a bike, you need to wobble left and right first before you can find the balance point in the middle.

Advice for practice:

Measure how far you hit the ball on the course, not the range. Modern technology and driving ranges are great for practicing when time is limited, but, when possible, get out on the course with two or three balls and set some specific challenges. 

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