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Cup Face 360° Technology that eliminates face welds and turns the entire face into one sweet spot. The new hybrids also use an exclusive Fujikura Triple Action Shaft for added…


Cup face 360° technology means the beta titanium face is plasma-welded to the body with no weld lines on the face to expand the effective sweetspot. 10g tungsten weights in…


Black coloured shaft, space-age silver, black and blue clubhead. Cup face 360 degree technology said to boost sweetspot size. Light 0.6mm crown and Quadra tungsten weights enhance centre of gravity…


This wood features MacGregor’s 360 Cup Face technology to make the sweetspot as large as possible, plus a heel weighting bias designed to generate a distance-enhancing draw and fewer slices.


No welds on actual face where it joins hollow body-intended to enlarge sweetspot. Sole weights are closer to the face in short irons as needs change from easy launch to…


The chunky heads give an immediate impression that these irons should be easy to hit. Looking down on them getting ready to wind up they don’t look too bulky and…


New 360 degree club face technology creates a large sweet spot and a forgiving driver. The specially designed shaft promises better control on the downswing.


orged cavity backs with thick toplines and hollow body design. Silver finish.Forged irons using a harder steel, a hollow-body design and thicker toplines in the long irons for extra playability…