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Big Max Aqua 7

A lightweight and waterproof stand bag that may be just the ticket for those who prefer to carry


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Big Max Ti Lite Push Trolley Review

Neil Tappin puts the brand new Big Max Ti Lite push trolley through its paces in this test.


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big max blade quattro trolley review Best Golf Push Trolleys 2017

Big Max Blade Quattro Review: Tech Info The Big Max Blade Quattro trolley is notable for its four-wheel design. This should help the trolley offer extra stability on more undulating…


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Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro

Tech Info The Big Max Navigator Quad Gyro is the brand’s remote controlled electric trolley. It has the same four-wheel design as the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake which enables…


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Big Max Coaster Quad Brake

Tech Info The Big Max Coaster Quad Brake is the brand’s classic electric trolley design. It features four wheels with suspension and as the front wheels both rotate, the trolley…


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Big Max Autofold FF

Tech Info The ‘FF’ in the name Big Max Autofold FF stands for fold flat and this is the key technology that separates this push trolley from others on the…


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Big Max Aqua Bags

Tech Talk As the name would suggest, the Big Max Aqua bags range has been created with waterproof protection uppermost in mind. From the largest model in the family, the…


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Big MAX IQ trolley review. Big MAX IQ trolley reviews.