The Wilson Staff Model Utility iron is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice 2020 product list.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

Gary Woodland put this club to good use last season, including during his victory in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. As you’d expect then, this is a high performing and versatile club that acts as an excellent bridge between fairways and long irons.

Editor’s Choice 2020

In terms of looks, it’s a clean looking club with a pleasing, polished finish. Although it has a reasonably thick top line, in no way does it appear chunky or unwieldy. This looks like a club that you will be able to work with to shape the ball.

That proves to be the case in practice. Although the utility generates impressive power, it also offers exceptional control and forgiveness. And this is exactly what Wilson was looking to achieve through this club.

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Powerful face

The high-strength Maraging steel face has been engineered to help the player maximise ball speed right across the face. We found that off centre strikes still travel respectable distances with this utility.

The launch is also worth noting. Seven grams of extra weight has been placed low in the clubhead to help you get the ball on a higher trajectory. In testing we were pleased to see the ball flying long and high and then stopping quickly.

Tour proven

The club was originally designed with tour players in mind but that doesn’t mean only better golfers will get the most from it. With three loft options, these clubs will be enjoyed by anyone seeking the feel of a longer iron, but the forgiveness offered by a hybrid.

We found the Wilson Staff Model Utility performed well from both the tee and the turf. It provides a great option for driving on tight par-4s and it could help you reach those longer par-4s and shorter par-5s more easily in two blows.

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